Stories where the mc female and bisexual

I find it hard to find stories where there the mc is a female who bisexual and there are 2 LIs ( 1 female and 1 male).
I tried to look through the lgbtq genre but couldn’t find anything that I liked.

Please read the requirements before recommending or promoting.


• Full CC for LIs and MC
• Female MC
• Choose your body shape
• NO toxic relationships or toxic LIs
• NO mafia/boss or CEOs

Let’s get recommending or promoting!


I’ve seen “Bisexual Bachelorette” around but I haven’t read it… :woman_shrugging:t3:
Could be worth a try? There’s also a number 2.


You mean bilionaire bacholers (or what is it) ???

Why are you stil up!

No, I mean there’s actually at least two stories called Bisexual Bachelorette.
The MC is a bisexual female.

I haven’t heard of Billionaire Bachelors. I think? Unless it’s an Original, then perhaps I’ve read it, but I’m not good with remembering titles of those. :skull:


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I have a story out called Woodness where you have more than 1 li (male & female), but you can’t cc the love interests :sweat_smile:
but I am revamping an old story (I’m halfway done with chapter 2) that checks all your requirements! if you want I can tag you when it’s out?

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Crystallized by Unchartedraider fits you’re requirements. There’s 3 LIs, 2 female and one male. It’s heavily focused on the MC figuring out her bisexuality.

Diary of a Troublemaker by Toriah has 2 LIs and the options to choose, either male, female or one male & one female LIs


I’m reading that but thanks for the story

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I liked that one.

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I’m just going to bookmark this, even though its not for me–

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Hi. I’m publishing my story in a few hours. It’s called DL: Living a Nightmare, if you’d like to check it out.

Author: Raitlyn
Description: During the day she’s completely average. At night, she’s the most wanted criminal in the US and France. Can she handle it?

P.S there is only 1 MALE LI, but she does date women, too.

Style: LL
Category thing: Romance/Drama/Mystery

It’s so good! But there’s no CC for the LI’s

  1. An Unspoken Attraction by LorenBethxox

This is fantasy story, 2 LI one male and the other’s gender is your choice (I chose female), although I am not sure anymore about whether you can choose body shape I am positive that all the other of your requirements are met

  1. College of Eternity by sophookles

This is also a fantasy story (sorry about that, it’s my favourite genre :sweat_smile:). It has 4 LI tho you wrote that you want two LIs of the opposite genders so I don’t know if it really must be just 2 LIs or if it was more focused on the fact that you want to be able to date both males and females and not a specific number, so here you go just in case. It has 2 male LIs one female and the gender of the 4th LI is your choice (I again chose female so I had two of both genders)

  1. The Wall by J. Miley

This is adventure genre. Here you have three LIs (two male, one female) although I think that CC is full just for the MC and LI are only partially customisable (sorry if that’s a dealbreaker, but it’s a really good story so hopefully you will give it a chance you won’t regret it)

  1. REBELLION: The Fight Begins by Eleanor G. Fraser

This is mystery genre, you have one male and one female LI. I read it a while ago so I am not sure about customisation anymore but I think it had some type of CC just not sure if full or partial.

  1. Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

This is drama genre and one of my favourite stories on Episode. I know that in the description it says gang but don’t worry it isn’t mafia story. They are actually leading the resistance against oppression (of women, lgbtq+ people etc. cause in the future society became very conservative, arranged marriages are a thing, women are just stay at home housewives, being gay is illegal and stuff like that). It has a lot of love interests I also read this one a while ago so I am not sure but I think there are like 4 or 5 LI and 2 of them are women for sure.

Hopefully this helps and you will find what you are looking for :blush:

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I’ve got a story called R&R: Outta Luck. You can choose your sexuality: Straight, Lesbian, or Bi. If you choose bi, you can choose your pair of love interests. Both are fully customizable as you meet them :slight_smile:

Ah, I‘m working on a new one. It’s only 3 chapters so only 1 LI. But other prominent characters are bi. But it will have everything else you asked for including full cc and body shapes.

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My story, Hollywood Dreams, meets most of your requirements.
Full CC for Mc and first love interest.
Second love interest cannot be customised but you can flirt with and eventually choose between a male or female character.
No toxic relationships.

Love on Fire
I played it the first time and she is… :grin:

I have my story published now if you’d like. :upside_down_face:
I’m reading DL: Living a Nightmare. Check it out:

I recommend bisexual bachelor(ette): alternate reality tv! it’s really good and has 21 episodes! you may have seen it in the lgbt genre though.

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Yes, I have and I have read a few episodes though.

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