Stories where you gain gems

I need good stories where I can gain gems for each episode, but I don’t want there to be gem options during the story. For example like «The Infected».
It would be nice if the choices matter as well! :slight_smile:
Thank you.


Well if you’re talking about the community stories there totally free and episode’s feature stories makes u earn gems every chapter u read. There are some stories like ”Vengeance” that choices do matter!


Hey you can only earn gems from featured story, but most of the choices in the stories and gem choices and can become a little annoying, especially if your broke😂 Anyways there are MANY community stories that have impactful choices that are gem free! At lot community authors do add a gem choice at the end of each episode that asks to support them because they are trying to reach writers payment and gem choices help a writer reach this more easier and faster.

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