Stories with All, or 2 Styles in 1!

Hello, I’m Treasure M.D. (But, no one Cares) Jackson, and I made this thread so that people who included ALL styles in one Story could be seen, bc this might be RARE, But, a lot of people saw, and wanted to do what was taught in the tutorial by NEW_IDEAS, a long time ago. SO, I wanted to see how many people used it.
Comment your stories down below with All, or 2, Styles in it. But, ONLY Stories with All, or 2 Styles in it, It can’t only one, or that will just defeat the Purpose. I will Create NEWER Threads, for that, Later on. And Ty.

I have an H&V entry:
H&V : Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad
It is a comedic parody of Episode cliches that has all three Episode styles.

Check it out at: