Stories with brilliant directing

Shroud by Dina D. Quixote - has the best directing I’ve seen in Episode, every scare is perfectly executed (and the story/culture is super interesting and compelling)
Riddled by Angelica C. Thorne -has really good directing and incorporates some really interesting RPG style choices/presentation for readers
Once in a Full Moon by Writing With Wings - the first story I’ve read to properly represent anime-style through directing
Jezebel! by Coovu -currently on hold but the first chapter has amazing directing and the overlays/usage of choices actually impact the story which is awesome

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Detenu by @J.Miley
Moonlit Feathers by @wincyyellow
Austentacious by @thebutterfly_episode
The Infected by @Caitoriri
Shadow Heir by @Arrows.Episode
The Treasure of San Javier by @Coni_B


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Try my story :smile: it’s
“Color my life” by Lady Cannella

My story: Bruised Heart
Deep Attraction(all series) by ladydianna
Chain reaction (all series) by missmj
Hunting bad by hopeemoon
Effortless by jaeaton

Thank you @Apes @AnnieAEpisode
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Beyond The Stage (Ink, Season 1)
Adrenaline (I haven’t read it, though)
Thriller: Ghostwriter
Galileo School of Magic by @LeeFunkEpisode
Ruby Tiara
That story by @MiraMira
The “Blake” Series
Retaliation by… (I forgot his name)


GALACTIC GAME by Lucky is really amazing.

But may I also suggest my story? Princess of Darya by CeCe Marie

On Instagram, I do a story recommendation and Bingo (I try to do one a day).
This post actually inspired the post I just made.
Anything by any of these authors will have wonderful directing.


Bed and breakfast by Julie K is a perfect one :ok_hand:

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If you’re into Adrenaline, I suggest you read Framed by Hanna Mathew as well. The plots are very similar and both have incredible directing!

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