Stories with Butch LIs

If you know any stories with butch lesbian or bisexual love interests (bonus points if they’re stud), please share!

I enjoy:
->romances with an overarching/established side plot
->slow burns
->corny shit :pleading_face::heart:

I will not read:
->romances with power imbalances (boss/employee, teacher/student, age gaps, etc.)
->mafia stories
->any type of incestuous relationship

I know this is asking a lot in terms of Episode stories, but I have yet to see any butches on the app, and I’m sad :’(


I think there was this mafia story with lesbian MC but i forgot what its called

Oh, wait, maybe genre does matter sksks; I don’t read mafia stories. I’ll edit my original post. Also, were they butch :?

Oh im not sure. I only saw the cover of the story and it was two girls kissing :+1:t5: :smiley:

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There’s one called Queer: for love and there’s one called facing differences the li isn’t butch but your character is agender and it’s really good it’s only 3 chapters :))

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Shoot Your Shot by Lys Dulce. You can choose for the female LI to be fem or masc.




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Yes I love that story!

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Bump, still starving





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Woah u have been looking for quite some time :roll_eyes:

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I know :sob:


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Imma let this search go once I publish my own story; but until then, I wanna see studs on the front page of the app NYOWW!! :nazar_amulet::broom::leg: