Stories with elements of other media?

Hi guys, I wanted to know what your opinion was on stories that have elements of other forms of media, i.e. tv, books and film. I know about copyright law and such, but is it ok to take an element of a storyline from somewhere to use in your own stories?

what do you mean by elment. do you basic plot. like how vampire diaries and twilight has the same plot.

or divergent has same plot as hunger games in first book. and maze runner in the second. if so i think that is allowed because its just plot points.

because i wont be copying twilight by haveing a love triangle with a vampire. but it will a the same plot point. it just has to have a lot of different like too

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Yeah, I just mean a basic format of something, is it OK to do that? As long as I for want of a better word fluff it out to make it vastly different.

if it just a mention. like saying i love the harry potter books. you are allowed to do that.

No I mean there’s this show called Designated Survivor about a man who is taken out of the State of the Union address as in the event of a catastrophic attack on the US government that person automatically becomes the new president. I was thinking of using that base plot line in a story but fleshing it out to make it different from the show. Do you think that would be OK?


Okay, what about having the members of the US government attending a conference (perhaps at Camp David or some other important location) and there’s a bomb that goes off, killing the president and people in line for the presidency, meaning that one of the newer US secretarys (perhaps a woman) is suddenly forced into the role. This way I still get to do a story about someone who is thrust into the role without being prepared for it and its not totally similar to the show.

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Thank you :blush:

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