Stories with fighting mini games?

So, I read a story with a mini game where you have to fight a zombie with timed choices and it was sooo fun, are there any other stories with mini games like that? (The one I read was The Infected) Every other mini game I’ve seen was just three buttons with like “punch” “kick” “dodge” and no explanation of what to do, but the ones in there were really interesting and took skill.

  • Adventurous: Seven Seas by Lyra Keiken.

Thank you!

Adventurous: RPG by @Himeji is also a great one! It won the Adventurous contest for best interactivity :wink:

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Too good to me I swear :sob: Lyra’s story “Seven Seas” also has a couple fighting scenes, including some that matter as much as life or death :scream: I would def check that out too if you haven’t already!

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