Stories with great characters?

New to forums, hello!

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a story with a character they love and tell me their favourite things about that character?

I love stories where I end up super attached to a certain character and i also love hearing people talk about things they love- so I was hoping to hear from other people fawning over their favourites and see if I maybe agree by checking out whatever story theyre from.
I prefer ink but will read any stories ^^


First off, hello to you too! I hope you enjoy your time on the forums.

I Need a Therapist by Clementine
All of the main characters and important supporting characters within this story have been fleshed out really well. The male lead is unlike most male leads, he’s funny, he’s respectful, he’s understanding, he’s relatable and he’s quite an easy character to love and enjoy reading. I also admire that he’s unapologetically himself and it’s nice to see how much he cares for Carrie (female lead). The same goes for the female lead - her thoughts and personality are so sweet and realistic, she just comes off as a really nice person. The chemistry between the two is another great aspect to their story as well.

Asunder by Alys Noir
Characters within this story are very well fleshed out as well and have their own distinct personalities. This is one is also pretty realistic too as far as thought processes, heartbreak, pain, trauma. I can heavily relate to Elara, the main female lead and the struggles she faces within the story.

Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee
This one has immaculate comedy and I love pretty much all of the main characters equally. They mesh so well together and really make the story. It’s a great mixture of seriousness, happiness, sadness, aesthetics and great humor.


thank you for the recs! i’ll be sure to check these all out, they all sound very interesting :slight_smile:

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