Stories with happy endings that make you cry

Can someone suggest some stories that have something happening that seems like a sad or emotional story line but then have a happy ending that makes you cry.

For example I’m not sure if I’ve actually made this up or seen it in a film lol (I think I’ve made it up but correct me if I’m wrong.)
A women had lost her child because the child went missing when she was very young and years later she starts fostering children in need, she starts fostering a teenager who has many issues so the relationship between the two of them is quite difficult, the placement ends up being long term and little by little they start warming up to each other, as the placement goes on the woman decides to adopt the teenager but while sorting out all the documents and paperwork, including the teens birth certificate. They find out that girl is the foster carers real daughter who went miss all those years ago and they had been reunited.

so while it is an emotional story it’s ending is happy would probably make you cry due to them being reunited all those years laster

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Making Lemonade.

And a movie, Lion, is AMAZING.

Kinda like what you described.

thanks I’ll take a look at them :slight_smile:

happily never after