Stories with Mary-Sue MCs


I’ve read some bad MCs. I’d love it if MCs were more like the MC in The House Of Twelve or 12(?) I forgot the title but she’s the smart type of sassy, just someone who doesn’t play around and doesn’t let people walk all over her. She’s brave, intelligent, passionate, caring, and independent. My favorite MC so far.

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Like Yh I agree with you all. I think authors mistake is being afraid of readers hating the mc. The mc has to be perfect, and joyous and her flaws must be what society considers “unique” -which started off and has remained as flawed backstory and she has 1 tattoo bc she’s dIfFeReNt.
-I think authors need to understand their character themselves, is there a certain way you need them to be perceived? Bc if so they you kinda find the Goldilocks personality needed for that specific plot y’know? :woman_shrugging:

—I think it’s most Episode Official MCs, if they’re rich, they’re ‘mean-turned-good’ or ‘unpopular-turned-popular’ like come onnnn :tired_face::tired_face: why can’t we have ‘flawed-making-mistakes-to-become-successful’ or like maybe, JUST maybea healthy relationship? *GASP.