Stories with plus sized characters

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone knows any stories with plus sized characters. I really want to read something like that.


One of the 4 main characters from my upcoming Squad entry is plus-sized!

The story is told from multiple perspectives so you play as her 1/4 of the time.

There is also CC, limited with respect to each character’s background.

It’s titled Squad: Party Power and drops July 27!

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i can’t remember who the author is, but the title is The Shack

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I’ll stay tuned for that thank you! :smile:

Thank you! I’ll look into it now. :blush:

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Can I love myself? by tal zen

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I am currently writing one!

What’s the name?

Take A Leap by @NikkiandLuna

Curved, it’s not published yet

Please check out my new story, it would mean a lot to me and it have the choice to customize character with body shape as well
Title: Lady In Black
Author: Priya
Genre: Drama/Action
Synopsis: Being a stripper love is NOT ALLOWED! But what happen when you have rebound sex with sexy, mysterious stranger… Is it the start of NEW FORBIDDEN LOVE? CC ART SCENES

Although my story is still in the drafts, my main character and almost all of the character’s (main or not) family members are plus sized!!

I’ll keep you updated! Hopefully we can get out at least 20 episodes (my friend Lane and I are making this story) and hopefully you like it when it’s released!! (The name of it is Finding Deidre Quinn and it’s a lesbian romance with a bunch of drama and thriller. Release date unknown!)


In the lovely one you have the option :smile: But I don’t remember if you have the choice at the first episode.

One of the main characters in this story is plus size. And the story itself is about living with autism. You’ll love it

Title: A Different Rainbow
Author: Josie Jackson

All you want to do is fit into society but autism stands in the way. How does it affect your mental health and how do you cope? Written from personal experience.


I’m planning on creating a story that focuses on the MC who is a plus sized female.

Glad to see people who would want to read something about a plus sized character :slight_smile::two_hearts: