Stories with tapable overlays

I published a chapter of my story My bad lesbian stepsister with tapable overlays. I posted video’s of it on Instagram. I think that they’re very fun to work with, so far i haven’t experienced any glitches

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Telvoikai by vaena uses them very well.


I’d definitely recommend Telvoikai by @Vaena since she uses them in a variety of ways (she has a menu that uses them, a minigame, and a few scenes that allow you to look around freely). She has mentioned that the coding is a bit complicated, so I’d recommend getting the hang of overlay placement and animation while you wait for the tappable overlays to become available.

I think I’ve seen people mention that The Dragon’s Tail by Mette has them, but I haven’t read that one, so I’m not sure how they’re used there. You could still check it out, though.

I don’t know when they’ll be released, but I haven’t seen any bugs or glitches with them. It could be soon. Keep an eye out, either way.


@purplezombieattack, @writingwithwings Thank you both so much for the shoutout!

Yes, I use tappables in Telvoikai. There are a few bugs that they are still working on that I found ways around in the script, and that is why they are still doing beta. It is very possible parts of the code will change, and they make sure you are aware it could happen.

Still, I LOVE the addition, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with for it. If anyone has any questions on them, feel free to ask me :slight_smile:

I would list more stories with them but the only published ones I am aware of are already listed.


I have started reading it and love it so far!!
Is there a way to use this to gain an item?

Example When it’s released I’m planning on making a murder mystery. I want them to be able to pick up clues themselves. But if they don’t click it I don’t want them to be able to do the next part without it…


Yes, but you would need to add a gain inside the tappable, and a check on it for after. You can make just about anything clickable with it, but you’ll want to make sure you are knowledgable in overlays, choices, and if/then statements. :slight_smile:

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I saw an example of this in Adrenaline! I was amazed by it, Episode is improving more each day

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Yeah. Adrenaline has a lot of it, especially in Episide 34!

Thanks guys, does anyone know when it will be released?

Hey, I read your story and loved it, and I was wondering if there is a topic on the forum or a tutorial on youtube on how to let readers drag the screen around like you did?..


Thank you! There isn’t a trick exactly, as they are part of a beta feature called ‘tappables’. They haven’t told a release date yet as they are still working out some bugs.
What I did for the panning scenes is use the ‘pannable tappable’ part of the code. :slight_smile:

They have not given a release date yet that I am aware of.

I can’t wait to try it out!!!

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Wait so is it possible to write the script with it in now, because I know that it is in beta and can’t be in published stories yet, but I wanted to know if I could script it now?

I’m currently playing about with it. i’m not a beta tester but it letting me use it so…
I wouldn’t recommend publishing with it yet as the coding for it may change with it being in beta.

check this out for a guide in how to use them.

It can be in published stories BUT they may be buggy and the code for the script may change. So yes, the code is available for beta testers. I do not know how widespread beta is at this point and I do not know when/if they will need to make changes. I do know some devices have issues playing certain aspects of the code or at least they did as of a few weeks ago.

Can you use gains with tappable overlays?

Yes, you could put gains in them.