Stories with their own coin options

So I know we all hate gem choices so before anyone hates me this post isn’t about them :joy::joy:

So this idea randomly popped into my head

We know that nothing is free and to make this more realistic I had this idea

Lets say I added my own currency into my stories for example Ecoins. [EDIT] this was supposed to be an example. I currently haven’t used this ha ha ha

You could add an option to work (mini game that gains Ecoins)
or go to friends house to hang out (no Ecoins)

Whats the benifit? Better choices lets say later in the story your character decides to go clubbing you could add the option to go shopping and add the prices of the dresses (Ecoins)

Dress 1= 2 Ecoins
Dress 2= 4 Ecoins
Dress 3= 3 Ecoins
Choose a dress from home= free

You get the idea, so if the reader chose to play the mini game they would gain 4 Ecoins meaning they reader has enough Ecoins to purchase the dress of their choice and possibly have some left over which could be saved and added on to other choices.

Let me just add that I know that this will probably be unpopular but it was just a random thought that popped into my head :joy::joy: But since I posted it what do you guys think?

  • No!!!
  • Yes
  • Depends

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I am actually doing something like that in my story. though diffrent, I have this mini games where you earn points. and the points can be used to unlock extra scenes


Hey :slight_smile: I really like that idea give the reader something to work for.
have you got any stories out at the moment I’d love try one out


no sorry. its for my new story I am working on. my only publish stories dont have that kind of system.


That’s a really cool idea!! :slight_smile:

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It would still give the same effect as having gems. Since say you don’t make the certain amount of money for one dress, then you can’t buy it


OMG! That’s so genius!
Can I use it in my story?

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Sure :slight_smile:

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True but you wouldn’t have to pay real money and could earn them by playing the mini games

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