Stories with trans/non-binary leads

I’m looking for a story with a non-binary protagonist or love interest. Any recommendations?

You can promote any story with any kinda trans leads, though!


Singles at sea

Sadly I haven’t really found any with transgender leads. I hope to, though. I plan on making one too. I’ll let you know if I come across any.
Apologies this wasn’t too helpful ^^;

No offense, but I stopped replying to you for a reason, and made my own topic, so why are you hunting me down trying to pick fights? Please be respectful and mind your own business.

Also, I’m not trans, but nice try.


Thanks! I’ll check it out!


That’s okay. I haven’t seen any either, to be honest. I’ve seen some (like “Silent Voice”) which feature trans characters, but not any with trans leads.


I remember reading a story where one of the mc’s best friend came out as trans, but nothing more.

Do you remember the title of it or basic plot? :open_mouth:

I think Studs and Sonnets lets you chose the way you look and your gender separately. if I remember correctly. but there’s nothing in the plot about it.

and not to self-promote but one of the love interests in my story My First Kiss is also trans.

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Please, by all means, self promote! That’s the purpose of this thread. :grinning:

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In Fugue by Alvar M., your friend Raven is non-binary.
In Eyes of Rain by @Vaena, Citali is trans, and you can play as her later in the story.
Oh, and in Senior Design by Andrea Elle, you can have they/them pronouns.


Oh yeah! In Toriah’s Revival, one of the friend characters are trans and the mc’s agent is non-binary. Not exactly what you’re looking for, though.

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It’s fine, I’m mostly looking for representation in general. I’m trying to compile a list of suggestions for my friend who uses the app but not the forums.

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Thanks for the shout out @Infraradiant!

A couple more reqs I didn’t see mentioned:

Nothing Special by Jinx
The Frontier by Kay Elle


Homecoming kings

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