Stories with Trans/Nonbinary Characters

I’m looking for stories with transgender/nonbinary characters, preferably in the main characters’ group or the main character themself. If you know of any I’d love to hear it!

I do hope I’m putting this in the right category. If not, I apologize Sydney_H!


I so wish there were more stories that included this. The only one I’ve read that included a transgender character who played a role in the story is Toothbrush by Lucky


I wish that too. Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll add it to my list.

Hi! I don’t know if it is enough, because it doesn’t focus on being trans/non-binary, but in my story you can fully cc the main character and choose your pronouns (but it’s an adventure/fantasy story, so that’s it)

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Ooh, sounds interesting. What’s the title?

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Squad: Woodness (here’s the link but you can also find it in the Squad shelf!)

And also, at the beginning you won’t be able to change your name, but I’m planning to add the option to choose from a bunch of names in chapter 4)

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Excellent, thank you!

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I think there’s some in the Queer Contest winners shelf, and probably more if you search one of the old Queer contest threads where people left their stories.

But there’s not a lot to choose from because usually if there’s a trans character, they’re in like 2 scenes or just there for a joke. Someday, I’ll get my stuff together and publish my story, in which 3 of the 4 main characters including the MC are trans :sneezing_face::pensive: but I share your desire for more stories with trans characters who have depth and nuance :triumph:


Oh, try some stories by Kay Elle! There’s quite a few trans and non binary characters in Kay Elle’s stories!


Oh, fantastic! Thank you!

Make Me A Geek by @RachelleFaucet has an enby lead! Their other story Mission Become also has trans and enby characters.

Asexuality Uncensored by @Yueliang has an enby main character


Oh, awesome! Thank you