Stories with women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields


Hi there,
This physics student feels slightly underrepresented among all the stories where the characters want to be musicians, artists, models etc. I’ve seen quite a handful of stories where the mc is a doctor but honestly I don’t see much representation of STEM fields at all. I was positively surprised that the story singles at see had an outgoing and fun woman in airospace engineering. You know any story where one of the main characters are in the STEM field?


What’s STEM? :thinking: I think I’ve heard it before…


It stands for science technology engineering and mathematics.


The MC in my story wants to be an astrophysicist :grin:


What is your story called?


Oh right… I remember now…


It’s a romance, so at the moment I haven’t gone into much detail about it but it does play a huge part in my story.


“Do You Know Me” by @wincyyellow
Has a female lead that is a scientist.


Thank you! I am planning to release a much more improved version of this story in July-Aug :heart_eyes:


Yes. That was the story I was thinking about.


I think there should be a creator’s contest about this



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