Stories without choices?

So I’m currently writing my own story (working on Ep.2), but I sort of have the whole story line written out in my head already. I’m debating whether or not I should even bother adding choices to my story.
One part of me wants to add choices, simply because I feel like it would please the reader, but one side of me wants to do things a bit differently and not add choices, basically the reader just reading the already written story line. HOWEVER, I also feel like if I do end up writing a story without choices, then readers won’t find it interesting. I don’t know what to do! :tired_face:

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Epsiode users are here because they get to make decisions in the stories they read. But I understand the want to write your own story without outside interference. A happy compromise might be to only include outfit choices. That way you can write your own story with one definitive storyline but still give the readers choices.


I think because episode’s tag line is literally choose your own story, it’s good to add choices.

If you don’t want to stray too far from your idea, you can always add in choices that don’t really matter. For example, when someone asks “How are you?” and the choices could be “I’m good” or “I’ve been better” and then you have five lines of dialogue in that branch and then never mention it again.

There are some great stories that only have 3 or 4 choices in each episode, so I wouldn’t stress on it too much, but yes I do think it’s better to add at least some in.


Ah, okay. It’s just been something that’s been lingering on my mind for a while now. Thank you for your advice :heart:

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I think you should write and do whatever you want.
If the story line is good enough it won’t matter!


There are Episode stories out there that are popular and have virtually no choices. If the story is good, no ones gonna really care, it’ll be like watching a TV show. There’s Pregnant by a Nerd for example, popular story with ‘reaction’ choices. Doesn’t change the storyline at all.


First question, is this your first story? I found when I started, it was a little difficult to figure out the whole choices coding thing. I stuck to dressing games and simple choices provided in the script template by Episode. I admit most readers like complicated choices (at least in my experience), so they were probably disappointed that I had these type of choices. Once I felt more confident and experienced in doing the choices coding, I added more complex choices and had more choices available in my stories. My recommendation is not to rush to publish right away and give yourself time to learn the language of the coding and become more comfortable with it. You can always ask for help on this forum page. There are a lot of people who are good with that.

I was looking what the other posters said. I know that some readers get annoyed at simple choices, dressing games or choices that seem to not be meaningful. In my opinion, I would read the story if it was really engrossing without the choices. If it was not, I probably wouldn’t want to read it. I guess what it comes down to me, it is a matter of opinion. I hope this helps.

I can relate, when I start writing I also have everything planned out in my mind and since I don’t want to include forced choices, I usually end up adding one per episode. I know this is less than what readers expect, but it is what it is.
As a reader, I don’t really care about choices and they actually annoy me in many stories: I don’t like when the MC is unable to make a decision on her own, I don’t like when I choose “A” but still get “B” as outcome and I don’t want to change clothes just because the scene is over. Especially if I have to wait for the ridiculously long zooming. From feet to head. Every single time.

On the other hand it’s always refreshing to find stories with meaningful or interesting choices, and some authors really know how to use them in a creative way. (Not me, I have no idea.)

What I’m trying to say is, if I’m interested in your story I will read it with or without choices, but since I’m not sure about the other readers, I would suggest you to add a few choices where you feel they would fit in.

If you don’t want to or can’t make choices that would impact the story because it’s already decided, stick to dressing games or choices where the reader can decide what their character says, with a couple of lines of different dialogue in each branch.

Some people don’t like choices that have a big impact on the stories (I was surprised by this, since these are literally Choose Your Own Adventure novels, and the ones I grew up on, like Goosebumps, were radically different depending on what you chose to do, but everyone’s different I guess).
So you don’t have to feel bad including ones that don’t change the plot.


I used to love those stories :rofl: “Go to page 43”. That’s actually why I found Episode in the first place. I was looking for something I could play that was similar to the books I loved as a kid.

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Same! And the number of different story lines in there were quite impressive when I think about it now. I remember reading one about this haunted carnival and depending on the choices you made, you’d end up in completely different parts of the carnival facing different horrors and doing different things. It was great.

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What posters are these? :confused:

In my opinion, you don’t have to have choices to make a story good. As long as the plot’s good, I’m fine with it.

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Just people I have spoken to on IG.