Stories without Romance/Love interest

So I am just curious if there are any stories on Episode without the romantic plot? I never read a story where you don’t have anything connected with flirting or love. I am just curious :grin: do you know any of them? Do they exist?

I don’t mean the stories where Romance is just not relevant. I mean stories with NO romantic plot :smiley:


Oh yeah… come to think of it this is very true… I can’t recall any stories I have read which don’t have romance… It really is scary.

That’s why I decided to write a story romance-free. Please feedback to me about it if this somehow qualifies. :slight_smile: I don’t have any LI for the MC nor is the plot romance driven. My story is called Tribe of Malapinchi.


Such a good point! I can only think of Ace of Hearts by Yuengliang. I’m bookmarking this thread because I’m curious as well!


I am actually working on a non-romantic story right now! It is my very first one, called Altered Mind, in the genre of mystery.


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Have You Seen Monday? By @Rubyllee doesn’t contain romance!

If I remember correctly, the ones I list below have no romance either!

Mysterious Signals and Haunted: Brook both by @Antika
Haunted: Take Me Home also by Rubyllee
Echoes of the Future by @purplezombieattack
Villain Rehab by @Caitoriri

I know I’ve read more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head!


My newest story has an option to have a romantic route / or no romance.

Caitoriri’s The Infected also has a no romance route if I’m not mistaken.

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In Corvaena’s “Duemadiri” and “Telvoikai,” you can choose not to have any love interests. J. Miley’s “Detenu” also does not have any love interests for the MC.


There’s a thread here: Romance Free Stories (it’s closed so keep your thread open) however feel free to browse it and you may come across suggestions you like : )


Hello? By Evil Ebonni (I don’t think it has any romance)


Nice! :slight_smile: Thanks

Hey, it’s Yueliang here. Thanks for mentioning my story, but it actually does have romance/love interests, because the main character is a romantic asexual. However, I remember reading a story called “Hollywood Icon” where you could choose to play as an aromantic asexual (that way your character wouldn’t date anyone!). I also remember that in The Ruby Tiara by Wincy, you can choose to have no romance, if I am not wrong.


thank you love :hugs:

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Oh gosh I forgot about that! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve read :sweat_smile: thanks for correcting me!

There’s a non-romance adventure story called “10(+1) Things To Do” by Cribb :slight_smile:

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Haha it’s alright! Thanks for reading and mentioning my story anyway. :blush:

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Thank you so much Moon @MoonW13 ! :kissing_heart: Love you!

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