Stories wont appear

I made a story recently and I’m trying to go on the app and view it but it isn’t appearing, I’ve closed out of the app and shut it down but it still won’t appear. Help??!

Make sure you are logged in with the same email you used to sign into the portal. If you are, then try doing this:

Thanks! I’ll definitely try this

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So I tried this, waited two days, nothing. I don’t know what else to do, was there anything else that you had to do???

I’m having the same problem, actually came here to see if anyone else was getting it. Frustrating :confused: I also tried reloading the app and even restarting my phone, everything is logged in correctly… :thinking:

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Then the next best thing to do would be to submit a ticket.

I’m having the same problem. I made a story but I can’t see it in the app :frowning:

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I submitted a ticket and it came back saying that the new update made it so that you need three episodes with 400 lines to be seen on the app, thats why they put the story previewer on the website


Closing as OP submitted a ticket :slight_smile: