Stories Written In Spotlight


Hi everyone,

Just curious…do you read spotlight stories? And if so what are your reasons for either reading them or not reading them?


I don’t read them, I love actually directing, I’m not sure why, I think it gives a cleaner image :slight_smile:


I could see that although I find it surprising because so many people struggle with directing on the forums. So I would’ve thought it would’ve been easier and allow people to focus on the writing and not writing and directing.


Agreed, your can’t be good at the same level on both writing and directing.


I think what’s the most disconcerting is that I literally get inbox requests asking me to change one of my spotlight stories into the cinematic format because they hate the style but like the story. I can write and publish in 15 minutes with spotlight versus weeks with the directing. So I often feel like I have to pick between what’s easier for me or what my readers might like and that can be hard.


I like reading Spotlight if the story is good. I just have a hard time reading Limelight in action. The movements are weird. It’s more tolerable in Spotlight.


I love both spotlight and cinematic. My season two story will use both. It all depends on how well spotlight is use if it will be liked or not. For writer purposes, I do prefer cinematic but in a reader’s perspective, I love both. It gives me an otome feel in spotlight and a rpg video game feel in cinematic.


I’ll take a well-written Spotlight story over a half-baked Cinematic story any day of the week. I’m not really fussed about what the style is, as long as it’s a good story.


I don’t go actively searching for spotlight stories, but there’s a few that have grabbed my attention that I’ll stick with. You sort of get used to the style after reading a few chapters. Although I still think cinematic style is better


I don’r read Spotlight stories because the style is actually painful for me to read (it hurts my eyes).


Can you explain what part hurts your eyes?


This won’t be a surprise for anyone who has seen Duemadiri, but I love Spotlight and can’t wait to do the rest of my stories in it.

I prefer it as a reader, because I actually find the long animation times distracting and they suck up too much of my free time. It is too much like a television show/movie, and I am way more of a reader/gamer and prefer to interact not just watch. I was originally drawn to Episode to write not read, and even now I am way more of an author than a reader. Spotlight format may change that, because I love reading VNs.

As an author I am excited to work with it because of how much time it frees up for me to embellish the stories. As a working mom I don’t get much free time and I felt like I had to choose between story content, artwork, branching, embellishments (background animations, overlays, etc) and directing or risk spending months doing one episode. I’d actually given up writing on Episode entirely for months until I saw they released overlays and brought Duemadiri back to it. (I was working on building an indie game with it.)

All of my future stories I plan on making fancier backdrops, possibly clothing options (haven’t attempted yet, but I will for my current project), animations… etc. and using Spotlight Limelight (or Ink possibly for some).

However, I do understand that the majority of the Episode reader audience will prefer to read the current animation style, as that is (well, was anyway, I see more and more apps emulating it) what was unique here. As I write for myself and for the people who do love my stories I am not as concerned about reader counts. (Not that I’d pass on getting paid, haha, but I am so far off the charts for that it doesn’t really factor in at the moment.)


I don’t like the spotlight story style at all. First off, it’s a major ripoff of the game “Choices” by Pixelberry studios. I no longer play that game, but I used too, and that’s the style they have across all stories. Second off, I came to Episode to give a visual appeal to my stories. I love writing, and when I can give a visual appeal to my words, I love that. You can’t do that with spotlight. You can’t do kissing scenes, you can’t have background characters to make a scene feel more alive, you can’t scale the characters down, hell, you can’t have the characters wherever you want. I dislike the spotlight style A LOT, and I refuse to read any story with the style, even if it’s promised to be the best story out there. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think she’s saying she can’t even look at it because she dislikes it so much.


To each his own on your obvious dislike of the style, but to say it is a ripoff of Choices is untrue. Episode even used to have a “Spotlight” style that they discontinued a while back, and this is more of a combination/revamp. Neither Episode nor Choices are the original VN apps :slight_smile:

Stories in original Spotlight, for reference (though obviously you won’t read them, haha):

  • Black Absinthe
  • The B-Team

Just a quick FYI. Nothing against your dislike of the style itself, as even above I say it is not for everyone, or even preferred by the majority. <3


The bubbles themselves look awful, and the constant switching is physically painful for me to look at.


I have a spotlight story and I got a LOT of fanmail telling me to remove the bubbles :unamused:


No, It really bothers me. I honestly hate spotlight stories. Not the plot, the spotlight part of it. XD


To everyone: What is more impressive, reading and feeling like you are a part of the story, feeling the anger of your episode bff cheating on your brother in your favorite story. Or… people popping up in bubbles just saying stuff?


I completely agree