Stories you are more likely to read

Hi everybody :blush:

So, Im writing a few stories and I would love for them to be read of course. I figured I’d come and ask what are some things people look for when reading a story.

How important to you are the following…

Cover Art
Choice focused vs. Plot based (limited to no choices)
Love Interests
The number of plot twists (how many are too many)
Directing/Editing (such as zoom, music, etc)
Amount of characters (main characters how many are too many)
Is background action (such as extras walking behind the main characters throughout scenes) necessary?
Situations for other characters. ( the main charcacter’s love interest or best friend has things going on that we follow as well.)
How important is it to you to customize your character?
Does it matter to you if the customizations are limited?

All advice and criticisms are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

  1. I don’t think you need to have an art cover:)

  2. I prefer plot based

  3. I don’t like like more than one love interest for romance stories but if it’s like mystery and they want to include romance I think multiple love interests is fine, like female LI and male

  4. I’m not sure but I think there should be one major one that is like the main “rising action”.

  5. I don’t mind if there isn’t music. I use a lot of zooms to focus on the character that is speaking.

  6. Depends on the plot.

  7. For certain scenes, like for a school scene I think it’s necessary.


it depends for me. i think drawn ones depict more emotions in a cover making it more intriguing. but if a normal cover just edited characters in poses creates the same feeling then i’ll read it.

i like plot based stories a lot.

not too important. I love stories with no LI.

I don’t mind having a plot twist in every episode as long as they make sense and can be explained later on.

i think it matters a lot. you don’t need to be extra fancy just know the basic zooms and WHEN to zoom, HOW to zoom in meaning fast. slow. music idc, i always read episode on mute. as a writer tho i use them.

yes all of these for me are super important. the story has to be realistic. other people live in your story. it’s just the MC living in a town by themselves. MCs can be as many as you want as long as you have a story for them.

i look forward to your stories.

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Cover Art - It’s not that important to me, just as long as it shows the mood of the story

Choice focused vs. Plot based - Choice if it’s like a short mystery, but plot if it has a bunch if chapters

Love Interests - I prefer 1 bc i can never choose between the LIs lol

The number of plot twists (how many are too many, how many are not enough) - I like a few plot twists, just as long as the story doesn’t start to get confusing

Directing/Editing (such as zoom, music, etc) - They make the scenes more interesting so I’d say they’re important

Amount of characters (main characters, extras, etc) - It doesn’t matter, probably as long as the mc has a few friends/family members

Is background action (such as extras walking behind the main characters throughout scenes) necessary? - Yes, but don’t overdo it!

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Thanks for your feedback! :blush:

I added another question lol, do you like when the other characters like the LI or BFF has situations in their lives that we follow?

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Thank you :blush:

Also, do you like when the LI or BFF has situations that we follow as well?
(I added this one late lol)

Thank you for answering :blush:

Also, do you like when the LI or BFF has situations that we follow as well?
(I added this one late lol)

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Yes! i really enjoy those!’

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dont really care.

plot is most important. I really like choices. and prefore to have an impact on the story. but I will read a story I find interesting with no choices, I wont read a story I dont like no matter how good the choices is.

what fits to the story. you can have two plot twist, you can also have as many as game of thrones. case is just they have to be good. and fit.

very important. bad directing show how little work you put into the story.

the few the better, people dont care about learning a lot of different people in a story. to many people you have to keep track of makes the story boring. that is actual advice for big time authors keep the cast small.

no. and yes depends on the scene. no characters in a crowed club is bad. no characters in the library where she is studying dosent matter.

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I don’t think cover art is all that important, to be honest. I’ve read some really good stories with basic edited covers, and not so good stories with commissioned covers. A cover doesn’t really mean anything.

I’m fine with either. I prefer having no choices, but I don’t mind reading stories with important choices that impact the story.

I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, so I enjoy having stories with love interests. If you mean how many, I like to keep it realistic and prefer one, but multiple is also fine. Or, if you’re asking if I have to have a love interest in a story in order for me to read it, then no. Either is fine by me.

I wouldn’t say the number is what I find important, but what kind of plot twists are included. Like if you threw in a surprise pregnancy just to keep the story going, then I’d be more likely to stop reading.

I love advanced directing because it looks so cool, but a story doesn’t need to have it for me to read. Zooms are great, so long as they’re done correctly. But again, I don’t need to see crazy zooms going back and forth between two characters that are standing right next to one another. One zoom focusing on both is good enough. As for sound and music, 90% of the time I don’t have my volume on, so music doesn’t mean much to me, either.

Personally, I prefer a story with one or two MCs, because I’ll often stop reading for awhile, and when I come back to the story, it’s easy to remember what’s going on when there’s less people. But having, I dunno, six main characters or something is fine, too. As long as they serve a purpose to the story, you know?

On a scale of one to ten, I’d probably say background characters sit at about a six. I don’t think you need seventy characters for a two minute scene, but if there’s a party scene or a school scene, having like, five characters walking around isn’t realistic. Are they necessary? Absolutely not. But, in my opinion, having some background characters makes the scene seem more full, if that makes sense.

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Yes! I like when the LI has more to him/her than just liking the MC:)

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oh yes! they make the story more interesting.

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Do you like to follow the LI’s or the BFF’s situations outside of the MC as well?

Awesome, thanks again :revolving_hearts:


Great! Thank you :revolving_hearts:

Thank you :blush::revolving_hearts:

not really. a story is suppouse to follow the MC. the others dont matter really. sure give some details. dont make them charaters you know nothing about. but if arent importent to the plot keep it out. I dont need to know the BFF’s life story,

please remeber your readers do not care about any of your charaters, the only one you need to make them care about is MC. and maybe the love interest

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Thank you for your advice :blush::revolving_hearts:

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  1. I don’t think cover art is important. I usually read a story if I find the description interesting.
  2. I’ll read either. I sometimes get serious anxiety trying to choose the choice that has a positive impact, but I don’t mind. :rofl:
  3. I prefer only having one love interest.
  4. You shouldn’t be able to know exactly what happens at the end of the story based on the first episode, so keep it unique. I love a good plot twist. :blush:
  5. Sometimes less is more. I don’t recommend spending hours on 2 seconds of coding. If you’re naturally talented at it, then go for it! I don’t mind if it has music or not, but sometimes it can add effect.
  6. I think that background characters are a must, but it really depends on the scene.
  7. I really enjoy when a story also has a bit of focus on the side characters. :+1:
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Thanks to everybody that has given feedback :blush:

Last questions.

How important is it to you to customize your character?
Does it matter to you if the customizations are limited? for example unable to change skin tone or hair color