Stories you are more likely to read

Great! Thank you :revolving_hearts:

Thank you :blush::revolving_hearts:

not really. a story is suppouse to follow the MC. the others dont matter really. sure give some details. dont make them charaters you know nothing about. but if arent importent to the plot keep it out. I dont need to know the BFF’s life story,

please remeber your readers do not care about any of your charaters, the only one you need to make them care about is MC. and maybe the love interest

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Thank you for your advice :blush::revolving_hearts:

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  1. I don’t think cover art is important. I usually read a story if I find the description interesting.
  2. I’ll read either. I sometimes get serious anxiety trying to choose the choice that has a positive impact, but I don’t mind. :rofl:
  3. I prefer only having one love interest.
  4. You shouldn’t be able to know exactly what happens at the end of the story based on the first episode, so keep it unique. I love a good plot twist. :blush:
  5. Sometimes less is more. I don’t recommend spending hours on 2 seconds of coding. If you’re naturally talented at it, then go for it! I don’t mind if it has music or not, but sometimes it can add effect.
  6. I think that background characters are a must, but it really depends on the scene.
  7. I really enjoy when a story also has a bit of focus on the side characters. :+1:
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Thanks to everybody that has given feedback :blush:

Last questions.

How important is it to you to customize your character?
Does it matter to you if the customizations are limited? for example unable to change skin tone or hair color

If there are art scenes I don’t mind no cc
But I usually like changing my skin tone and colors of other features not necessarily the shape.

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Although drawn covers are slightly more eye-catching, I don’t mind Episode style covers as long as they’re well made.

None or 1

Inappropriately timed zooms, walking, etc can ruin a story. When a scene takes too long to transition or characters take more than 2 seconds to walk even though they’re walking in one zone, I get irritated. I know those things may be trivial, but small details matter to me.

I don’t care much for music (I know that contradicts what I just said but I always play with my volume down), but I dislike when an author uses sound effects without any music. Sometimes I hear a door slam shut out of nowhere.

Amount of characters
Readers will probably have a hard time remembering everyone if there are more than 5 main characters.

Also, some authors say they have like 10 main characters when they really only have 3 and the rest are side characters.

If you’re going to have background characters move at the start of a scene, have them move throughout/at the end too. Don’t let them freeze at whatever animation they did.

Like music, when there are no extras in a multi-zone background, the scene feels and looks empty.

If the situations also affect the protagonist in any way, sure.

Usually irrelevant


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Thanks for your opinion love :sparkling_heart:

I’m the same way with little details like that so I completely get it lol thank you for your input :two_hearts:

You’re welcome babe, :revolving_hearts:

Cover Art

Honestly, idc if the cover is attractive or not :partying_face:

Choice focused vs. Plot based (limited to no choices)

Plot based :partying_face:

Love Interests

I don’t like more than one LI but if you’re gonna add more than one LI I’ll still read it :pleading_face:

The number of plot twists (how many are too many)

idk…but I love plot twists :partying_face:

Directing/Editing (such as zoom, music, etc)

I love advanced directing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But as long as the directing is done smoothly
I’m good

Amount of characters (main characters how many are too many)

If it’s over 7 characters-

Is background action (such as extras walking behind the main characters throughout scenes) necessary?

I’m guessing it’ll make the scene more realistic and neat. So yes it’s necessary!! :partying_face:

Situations for other characters. ( the main charcacter’s love interest or best friend has things going on that we follow as well.)

More drama more chapters :partying_face:

How important is it to you to customize your character?

I despise CC :partying_face:
Because I dislike how we have to customize the family, LI, best friends-
I rather customize the MC and the LI if there’s CC

Does it matter to you if the customizations are limited?

No, it wouldn’t matter to me because I like how the author created the characters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for you opinion love :sparkling_heart:

I especially like your “more drama, more chapters” line lol

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@mnemosyne @tosinx @GennieG
If y’all don’t mind, can you also help me decide which story I should publish first? :blush:

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I rarely read romance, so I’m the wrong person to ask. :sweat_smile:

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Lol no worries :joy:
Thanks for checking it out anyway :two_hearts:

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I love romance so story 3 bc it has 1 LI

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Great. Thanks love :sparkling_heart:

Np pretty :blush::heart:

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