Stories you Never Wrote

Stories You Never Wrote

I feel like there are a lot of stories that I’ve spent time planning out, creating characters… and then I never start/finish writing them.

I’m just curious, are there any stories that you wanted to write, but you never did? If you’re comfortable sharing the plot, what were they going to be about?


There was one story I didn’t really plan out or all but started writing and never finished. It was about a girl who’s on her way to her aunt because her parents are going out of town for a while and on the way she stumbles over a rock and lands in a magical world and finds out that she belongs there. Of course, there’s a couple of bad things happening in this world and it was kind of her destiny to end up there to help the folk and save the magical world.


There was a story I wanted to write about 3 years ago. I planned out the entire thing and even made covers (in INK- this was before LL), but never started writing as I was too busy with other projects. I wanted to write the story for the thriller contest 2 years ago, but it wouldn’t have fit into 5 episodes so I scratched it. I didn’t think I’d ever write it on Episode since it shares a few similarities with my thriller contest story, Ghostwriter.
I can’t share the plot since I actually ended up pitching it to another app (who bought it), so 3 years later, I’m actually working on it lol.

Then I also planned and started a Cyberstalk 3 (I have a Cyberstalk and Cyberstalk 2 already). I’ve almost finished episode 3, but I lost motivation (back in 2017 lol) and have decided to scrap it completely (for now anyway. One day I might revamp the entire series in LL).

Then I have a couple other stories in the “maybe someday I’ll continue” pile, where I’ve started and maybe made covers, but haven’t got very far :sweat_smile:


I actually wanted to write a comedic, adventurous story about children (around 8 to 10 y/o) and pet dogs, and make either the child or the dog as the MC. I had even figured out the title and the starting plot. But the more I thought about it, I realised that I need to use extensive OLs for the pet dogs, and the MC for a story here must be above 13… so that didn’t work :sweat_smile:


I have so many stories that I wanted to write but never really had the time or the inspiration to do it. Most I never get through the planning stage before real life got too busy and I lost interest in it.
I think the worst case of this was when I wrote outlines for eight seasons of a superhero show. I basically created a whole universe with aliens and planets and heroes and villains. Not only did I plan the conflict for each season I also wrote short outlines for each episode and I did this in the span of three days. (It’s amazing what you can do when you’re stuck on a literal island with no internet.) But I have barely looked at it since besides a few attempts at doing something with it and failing every time.
As for the plot, well it would take a lot of time to summarize eight seasons but basically there’s teenagers attending a superhero school and each season they fight some kind of villain and then it leads up to this epic fight with a Thanos-like being in the last season.

Ah congrats!!! It’s so awesome that you found a platform that loved your story.

Do you know when it’s supposed to be released?

I would love to read that, it seems like it could be a fun one to go back to one day.

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I’ll share one of the stories I thought of, but never wrote…

At one point, I was planning a story about a girl who was immortal. Every few years, she would move so that no one noticed her lack of aging. One day, she went back to a town she used to live in and sees all of her old friends… From there, it follows the plot of a basic Episode story :joy:

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I love the idea of an immortal character. Just reading your short summary made me so excited about it. If you ever decide to write it, let me know because I will want to read it. Just think of the depth you can give to an MC who has to face eternity alone knowing that she could never stay too long at the same place or get too attached to people as it would always end the same way, with death.