Stories you would like to read again

So what stories have you enjoyed so much that you decided to read again? (talking about fully completed stories) I re-read:

Hit & Run (season 1), Ghostwriter and Maternal Instincts by Elise C
Revenge On The Bullies by Leylalola
Brozoned by Mette M Peleikis
Envy by Cindy Gaultier
The Rose Killer by Rosenspitze
Shroud by Dina D. Quixote
Thriller: Red Snowflakes by Karen
Deadly Midnight by Sophia & Melia


don’t know I really like horror stories so I always wanna reread those again

Lol well there are some horror stories I don’t wanna read again but I can’t remember which one.

I would love to read over:

The Phoenix Prophecy
Joseph Evans Classic Stories
Witches (Classic Story)
The Hourglass (Classic Story)

i totally agree with all of those! i ADORED maternal instincts and hit & run, and i’m so happy i found someone else with the same love of thriller/mystery genre as me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: x

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Yaaaaay :smiley:

Maternal Instincts is a very good story! Which ending did you get? I got the ending where everyone lived. I can’t wait for the prequel Mine where we get to see Vee’s ex side of the story. He was a piece of trash for taking her hostage!
Hit & Run was an awesome story. Which ending did you get for that one? Can’t wait for Season 2 & 3 of the story even though Elise did say that she’s going to focus on Cyberstalker 3. I need to get round to reading the second season of Cyberstalker. Man you gotta love stories by Elise C.

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I’ve read Envy three times.

Why thank you, both of you :rofl:


You are welcome, girl. Keep up the masterpiece!

even though i love mysteries/thrillers, i’m so bad at them! in maternal instincts, the mum died and for hit and run both my best friend and boyfriend died :sob::laughing:
i can’t wait for the prequel to maternal instincts either! elise c is such a talented writer :cupid: x

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you are so talented!! you deserve so much praise :cupid: xoxo


I heard that the mum dying in Maternal Instinct is what most people got. I didn’t want anyone to die in the game so I saved everyone.
Aw nooo! But don’t worry, Elise said that when we read season 2 she will start off from Ending A.
I know right, she writes really good stories unlike some authors who like to glorify psycho killers, pregnancy and bad boys rolls eyes

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