Stories you would like to see on episode

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a limelight episode story based on pride and prejudice novel? I am a big fan of this novel (more like it’s my absolute favorite!) and I watched every single tv adaptation of it! I even stumbled upon an episode story based on it called “he stoops to conquer”, but it was in ink which I don’t like at all but I still gave it a shot and it was good and I liked how the author didn’t change many things about it, little details like how they had mobiles but still used letters bugged me though. It ended so abruptly after leading me on for 16 chapters :woman_facepalming:t2: . And there is that other amazing K drama “boys over flowers” I could die to play an episode story based on this amazing show, how I wish I could play as Geum jan di and fall for someone like Goo joon pyo :joy::heart: I hope I gave someone out there the ideas for their next project hehehe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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@thebutterfly_episode has several stories that are influenced by Jane Austen
Austentatious (Episode official version is Episode’s Dirty Dancing)
The Arrangement (AU of Austentatious)
Austensibly (Sequel to Austentatious)


I actually have one slated for sometime in the future except I intend to make Elizabeth a bit more strong-willed and the overall love story to be more of a slow burn. I haven’t actually read the book yet though (I have a copy, just haven’t opened it). I’ve only seen the movie. :smile:

I agree with the post above, for now the closest thing I’ve found are E R Gurney’s stories (which are amazing btw) and I’m sure you’ll like Austentatious and the alternate version, The Arrangement.
There’s also The Earl and I by Dean Rivers, I don’t remember much but it was set in an older time period and there was a romance between the earl and the MC, so you might like it.