STORM SHIELD: Destiny Discovery (Fantasy)

Title: Storm Shield: Destiny Discovery
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Kayla, an advanced homeschooler, just wants a normal life. After acceptance into a prestigious school, will she finally discover normality or is abnormality her fated destiny?

Why might you enjoy this story?

Character Customization:
You have the ability to create a unique look for your character!

Full Directing:
Full directing makes you feel like you are actually watching a movie!
This story is intended to be a 4-5 part series, so for those who just cant stand for a story to end… you have MUCH to look forward to!

Myths & Legends!
Storm Shield is a story that combines many popular theoretical ideas surrounding “myths & Legends” and ties them together in a clean-cut and unique way, creating a unique, outrageous, but still relative and understandable way. This unique take on the combination of modern culture, fantasy, and popular legend in an amazing and fantastical way!

I take a HUGE amount of personal pride in keeping my content 100% “clean” while still striving to keep the content fun, exciting, and captivating! I am a lead-by-example kinda person. I would love to see more stories like this in the app, so what better way than to create them yourself and prove to people by example that you CAN create amazing stories while keeping your story PG? You will NOT get bored reading this!

Genre Combo!
Although this is a fantasy story, there is plenty of adventure, romance, thrilling, mysterious, and fantastical aspects to this story! Just about ANYONE will find this story to suit their genre preferences!

Are you ready to give this story a try??


Who drew the hair?!
Also I love the cover, I will read it in a bit.

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HA! I cant draw hair for the life in me! I use free (some purchased) pngs and layer them, then I blend into the hair line… its much simpler and great for people who cant draw hair very well…lol!
I’m glad you like the cover, it took me a bit to get it together… THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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Where do you get the PNGs from? Just wondering.

Of course!

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If you’re looking for free png’s you just need to do a google search for “HAIR” and under the settings make sure you select “free for reuse”

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Ok, thanks!

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No Problem :slight_smile:

I’m so going to read it. :open_mouth:

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Thanks! If you get time to read it, please, let me know what you think!

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Yasssss! Ty! If you could, Let me know what you think of the story so far!

Backgrounds and Cover have ALL been approved!! Chapter four is up!

For the very few who are reading this (LOL) What Wing House Did you choose?

For those handful of you who are reading this story…
I recently received a review that said they thought the Character customization was confusing… I would love more opinions on this!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure

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Okay. So I just got done with chapter five then realized a scene would look so much better with a custom background. UGH…
So, while I am in “wait-time” I decided to got back over chapter one and glamour it up a bit with some cool overlays and effects (rather than narrate them)
I am pretty pleased with the results and for those who are just starting the story, I think you’re in for a real treat!

I’ll post once my background is approved and updated with ch 5

Backgrounds Approved! Chapter Five has just been published!

Came here to say that that hair just slayed my entire existence.

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Mine too! LOL