Story advice and ideas please?

I have a story idea involving two women, and since I am a sci-fi fan I would wanna make them humanoid aliens that travel to different planets and go on adventures. Instead of one ongoing story I would make each chapter a different adventure involving the two of them. Also one of the MCs is pregnant but she is like that from the start of the story and the story doesn’t revolve around it. Also they aren’t in love, just really good friends. They are both troublemakers and they went to space uni together and caused trouble. The not pregnant one is ginger and almost unfeeling due to a lifetime of teaching herself to suppress her emotions. I know it’s terrible, could I have some feedback on what to add and how to improve it?


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ok what do i do on the thread

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Just send the description and we will make a Title or some ideas for you :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you, but I don’t need a title rn, i need more ideas on the actual plotline

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Yeah that’s what I meant :sweat_smile: some ideas

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