Story Advice Needed (INK & LIMELIGHT)

Im trying to think of a good way to introduce my characters

I know a lot of people don’t like introductuons through narration so I would avoid that. The best way is for example to show a glimpse of their daily life or maybe have other characters talk about one person so you get an idea of their personality, use dialogue.
It also depends on what your story is about and where it’s set as it gives you different possibilities to introduce them.

this is what i have for her

readerMessage Background By @shara.stories
&cut to zone 2
&zoom on 539 432 to 202% in 0
@transition fade in black
@ARIANNA spot 1.037 -13 143
@ARIANNA walks to spot 1.037 159 148 in 2 AND ARIANNA is walk_exhausted THEN ARIANNA is yawn_bored
@pause for 1
&ARIANNA is think
&speechbubble is 160 210 to 100%
My name is Arianna De Luca.
I ran away from home with my best friend EMBER.
Our good-for-nothing parents tried to set us up to be married to two unattractive 30-something men…
Just for more money!
&ARIANNA is arms_crossed
No big deal, though. She and I are better off without them.
@ARIANNA is deepbreath
&speechbubble is 203 257 to 100% with tail_top_left
ARIANNA (idle_awkward)
(I start my first day of senior year today.)
@ARIANNA starts dustoff_loop

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The best way to introduce characters is throughout the story. Try to avoid using narration for introducing. Readers can conclude themselves what is character alike.
Stick to this rule:
Show don’t tell

so insead of saying
i should put
(BLA BLA) instead?

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Yep something like that, characters will show their performance throughout the story. You can put MC doing something for e.g. talking on phone and they’re going somewhere (this is just example you can put something else)
Show, don’t tell

Many readers don’t like introduction with narrator, for me, I would exit the story immediatly

well i have her getting up then going into the bathroom and saying all thats in the post above but changed it to sister not best friend

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That’s a good start, good luck with your story :blush:

Also, you can read my story for example I gave it to you (not nessesary)

whats the link

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Feedback is welcome :kissing_heart:

I would try to have her be in the middle of a conversation with someone and talking about the things you coded for her introduction. Work it into a normal conversation and show it through dialogue with other characters.

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