Story Advice Needed ಥ_ಥ

Hi!! I was wondering what you guys would like to see in a romance/drama story. I didn’t feel inspired to write the plot I was currently writing so I decided to think of a new and I really need you guys advice.

Thank you in advance!!(▰˘◡˘▰)


I like to serve real emotions like sadness of a person they love :sob::cry::dizzy_face::mask:


Ehh… How about something different than most romance stories? None of that gang leader, pregnant, werewolf shit. Something without love-at-first-sight. Something with slow-build romance and relatable characters.


I love i!!

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(Ik this may sound crazy but just hear me out )

Try blind love, litteraly. Have the MC be blind and have the world described through smells and sounds and touch.

(Don’t know where ya could go with that, but it’s just a thought)

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This just came to me…
Maybe have the story start off as a typical love story, but really conclude showing the MC’s love for her family, not her actual lover, who she found out wasn’t her real *love after all.
This may be the corniest idea I’ve ever come up with…


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Just as @/viviwhite said, I think you should steer away from all of the overused story ideas that we see in the trending section. I also agree with what she said about a more slow-burn type of romance, where the tensions builds up gradually and keeps the reader hooked to find out how the situation between MC/LI would develop.

One thing that I advice you to focus on is the characters. For me personally, if I get attached to the characters I will most likely continue to read the story even if the plot is more plain. When it comes to the LI (note: this is my opinion and others, including you might disagree which is totally fine. Just note that what type of LI I’m desiring to see in a story might not be what you want to write about, follow your own standards and write a story with characters that YOU’LL like! :revolving_hearts:) I really want to see some more “everyday people” kind of LI’s. I want to see people who could exist in real life, and that potentially won’t fit under a label (such as golden boy/girl or bad boy/girl). Someone with flaws, someone both the MC and the reader can relate too. I also prefer LI’s that aren’t too over the top, but I guess it’s just personal preference that I find down-to-earth people more attracting :sweat_smile:

In terms of HOW to write romance (I’m focusing on the romance part now since I don’t have that much experience of dramas, sorry) I actually made a thread about how to portray romance and I got tons of great answers! I’ll try to see if I can link it, I guess I’m not the best at figuring out all of this tech stuff…
Edit: Hey, I managed to insert a link! cries I’m so proud of myself :frowning:

Hmm, I guess I could write a lot more about this but atm I don’t think I have anything else to add. Hope this somewhat helped (?), good luck with your story! :blush:

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Thank you for your advice!! :slight_smile:

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idk, i feel like romance shouldnt only be romance. a sub genre always makes the story more interesting. Like a Romance-Mystery or even a romance-thriller

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well I need advice too btw!

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