Story Advice Needed!

I’m Making A Story About A Teen Girl Named Emma Becoming A Teen Mom And I Need Advice On It! Please Help!!

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What do you need advice on? Like how to make it better? Or what people would like to see?

Kinda Both. For Example… Should Emma’s Mom & Dad Be Supportive Or Kick Her Out?

Cliches is when the MC is kicked out I think the parents should support her but may have the mom discover the child has a disabillity. (just a thought!)

Thanks For The Advice I’ve Been Really Stressed About What To Do On This!!

If you want to have any questions about the plot I can help, even with directing!

That Would Be Awesome!!! :blush:

Okay, anytime my friend! :grin:

Speaking Of My Plot, What Should Happen For Emma To Get Pregnant In Your Opinion??

Like where?
If so, maybe she was peer preasured by her friends than that took a wrong turn that made her future twist.

Well… I’m Thinking…

After A Dinner Date With Her NEW Boyfriend Felix… They Go To His House Where Kai (Felix’s Brother) is Throwing A Party And Offers Them A Room And Some Alcohol And It Happens There. The Next Morning, Emma Wakes Up And Runs Home!


Perfect! Actually!

Thank You!

Also, Should I Just Make One Outfit For The First Date Or Let The Reader Choose An Outfit??

I think it’s better if the reader choose but only if the outfit doesn’t have a proper meaning in that scene :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alright guys, in episode 7 Emma is showing but should she be in maternity clothes?

What style is it @Allie_Diamond_Epy


Then I suggest to not have the clothes at this time because of how big it it but adding baggy clothing will suggest the need for bigger clothing. If it was in LL then it would probably be OK knowing there is a smaller belly in limelight clothes.