Story Advice on First Story

I’m really new to Episode and I keep hitting road bumps… But I just published my first 3 chapters to my first story, and was wondering if someone could critique it!
The share link is {}

sure I will and I’ll message you.

when I finish reading the episodes of your story

Thank you!

Hey I read your story and I like it! But I think the episodes are too short and I found some directing error. When Alexa comes into my room, the MC just sliding across the room instead of walking and they are not facing each other when talking.

Oh okay! Thank you for the help! Where did you find the directing error?

When she comes into the MC’s room to talk about her mother

Hey I read the first episode it’s pretty good the directing is perfect in that episode! But the cliffhanger doesn’t exactly cliffhang. We need to know more about the boy, for example what everyone does is ranting/venting to the reader and showing flashbacks. You should use this earlier in the story and then we will be like “HIM HOW DARE HE!” Or “HIM! That’s adorable!!!”