Story animations randomly stop working

Hi everyone,
I hope i’m in the right area to ask this but I decided to restart my story progress on the one i am making and for some reason some of the animations were not working, even though i did a 100 tests before publishing. Could someone take a look at my story and tell me if there were any issues on your end? Please and thank you. My story is called Bad Girl at the New School Remake, Limelight. Let me know if you need me to provide a link or my script.


I would send in a support ticket because you can’t really code without seeing them do the animations. I have had the same problem and sent in a ticket.

It only happens when I test it on my phone but when I do on my computer i have no issues but thanks I will do that

try to close the app - usually after restarting it this glitch disapears.

do you mean when your characters randomly glide instead of walking and don’t do any animations and just stand there when talking?

yes it exactly that

ive had that issue plenty of times before, all you have to do is go off the story then close the episode app then open it back up again, fixes it for me every time

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