Story animations won't work on the app

hi, I have a problem with my story. I wrote a big chunk of the chapter and when I preview it on the portal everything is fine, but when i go to read the story on the app, everything is messed up. my characters aren’t doing the animations as in the preview. anyone knows why this happens? it worked well until today.

could it be just on my app? can anyone try reading it if i provide the link please?

I can see if the animations work on my end if you’d like. Though I’ve also been having troubles with the app not matching the portal previewer.

here you go

I’m still working on the chapter so dialogue may not make sense entirely yet :")

Are there any errors on the previewer?
Have you tried reinstalling your app and/or restarting your phone? If the person above finds no issues with the animations, you probably just need to do a good reset. The app can be quite temperamental at the best of times!

What scenes are you having troubles with specifically because the animations seem to be working for me?

Edit: Just wabted to mention, you probably already know this, but after the poses and I click all done nothing happens

after the “all done” the episode was supposed to start with isla browsing for a flat :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it just ended after customization?

Only after the taking pic of characters. When just finishing without pics it goes to the scene