Story Announcement: "Breaking Dawn"

Hey everyone! :blob_turtle:

Today’s the day- I’m officially releasing my second Episode story in a few hours! (2022-05-12T18:30:00Z to be exact!)

Here’s some information on the story, for those interested! I’m not asking for any R4Rs (so please don’t ask to do them, because I don’t want to.) I just thought I’d put my story details out there for those who are genuinely interested in reading it! :heartpulse:

breaking dawn's details

the artist is linked here. She was super amazing to work with.

genre: thriller/drama/romance
description: After an accident connects you to a missing girl, you start to doubt yourself. Until a captivating stranger comes around, with the ability to help you, or end life as you know it.

more details:

  • no LGBTQ+ option in this story, but I plan to release a separate LGBTQ version soon
  • full CC for the MC and LIs (including the name change option for the MC.)
  • two love interests

If you’re interested in reading it, here’s the link: Episode Writer Portal

If you took the time to read this post, thank you! I hope you have an amazing day. :heartpulse:
– Ali :llama:


Congratulations, wish you best of luck💕

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thank you! :heartpulse:

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