Story Archive Thread

IMPORTANT NOTE TO MODERATORS: This is NOT the ordinary “Share your story thread,” please do not merge any thread with this! There isn’t a thread where you share any story you like with the layout this thread has, especially even featured stories, this is an archive, so please do not merge any existing threads with this, OR any future ones, thank you dearly. *

*Unless the future thread is a replica of this with same layout, please do not merge it.

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you wanted to read a story and went on Forums to find one. Only for your thread to be merged with the infamous Share your underrated stories here thread. (Hey Annie :smiley:) Personally, I’m tired of looking for new stories and not being able to find one because everyone keeps promoting their own stories when I want a specific genre or it gets merged.

That’s why I created the Story Archieve Thread, in this thread, there are quite few rules you have to follow before posting a story.

  • Do not promote your own story.

I cannot stress it enough. This thread is NOT for you to share your own story, you CANNOT share your story here! If you do, you AGREE that you are off-topic, and you WILL be FLAGGED!

  • Share stories you think everyone should read in their Episode life.

This is self-explanatory, please share a story that you ACTUALLY read and enjoy. You want everyone to read this story, please actually read it first.

  • There’s no small or big authors.

This isn’t a ‘small authors’ thread, there’s no limit in reads, so feel free to share stories with over 100 million reads if you want to, featured stories can be shared as well.

These are the main rules, I’ll make a few posts and all, but I’ll leave the example here too.


Example post:

Title by Author
Description: (App description)
Number of existing episodes:
Share link: (If you have it)
What this story features: (CC/Limited CC/No CC, Choices matter/don’t matter, Multiple love interests, LGBT option, Pick Gender, Advanced/Basic directing etc.)
Why I think everyone should read this story:
Who you think this story mainly targeted to:

^This is your example, I’ll post one myself very soon, please FOLLOW THIS. We want everyone to easily find stories, so it’s better to follow one layout than create many. Important Note: Your “Why I think everyone should read this story” should be more than “because it’s great.” You are representing this story, so tell us why you like it.

Important things to remember:

  • You can’t share your own story.
  • You must follow the layout. (Make sure to fill all of them, you don’t have to add “Who you think this story mainly targeted to” or “Share link” if you don’t know it.)
  • There’s no limit in sharing stories if you follow all of them, but SHARE ONE STORY PER POST!
  • Any story with any reads can be promoted.

Now, you are free to share stories you enjoyed, I’ll create a genre list as people share. Thank you for reading and thank you for cooperating. :smiley:


Of course my opening was going to be Necessary Evil :wink:

Necessary Evil by Zayen

Genre: Thriller
Description: Over ten years, you’ve checked in and out of a mental asylum because of the supernatural you see. What if they were real? (CC)
Number of existing episodes: 15
Share link:
What this story features: Full CC (looks and name customization), choices that matter, lovable characters with motives, advanced directing, now that’s over, this story features a great but thrilling adventure. There are many subplots but all of them connect to one plot in the end, which is rarely done on Episode. This story is a breathtaking adventure with enough thriller to scare you. :wink:
Why I think everyone should read this story: This story changed my mind a lot, I never thought it was possible to have a thriller story that’s different than drama thriller, but I was proven wrong. This story destroys every stereotype about Episode thriller stories, giving us a fresh supernatural thriller with dark fantasy vibes. A powerful, but not an overpowered MC, an universe with extremely good world building that you feel like you live in this universe, a story that revolves around fantasy creatures, yet somehow is still able to inform readers about real life issues such as stigma around mental illnesses. An amazing, jaw dropping story that every Episode user needs to read, even if they are not a fan of thriller or the art style. :slightly_smiling_face:
Who you think this story mainly targeted to: Ever wanted to read a story about fantasy creatures other than werewolves or vampires? Ever wanted to solve mysteries and catch killers? Ever wanted to play as yourself in an unique story? Well, then stop waiting! An action packed thrilling but adventurous story with advanced directing and good writing. You’re in for a treat. :wink:

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