Story Art Cover Help

Hi guys! So I am currently writing a story, and I am wondering if there is anyone who would gladly help me create a cover for my story. If you want any further details of the characters and other descriptions if u decide to do the art for me, feel free to dm me on Instagram! @aron._.episode —> If you don’t have instagram, it’s okay just message me or we can find a way to contact each other either on here or something else.

Thank you all!

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Check this out for an art shop that suits you

I can do it

I can help! But I don’t have Instagram…

It’s okay if u don’t have instagram
lol u can just message me here or if there are any other ways u an contact me.

Here would be convenient…

You can message me if you need me

Hi can you make me a cover art large and small please if you have time

Well sorry not at the moment

Its okay I understand

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