Story Artist Needed - College Mystery Story (LGBT)

Hey everyone, my story Classridge Hills (working title) is currently being written and coded. I am looking for a cover artist for when I begin publishing my story. My story is of the mystery genre and begins after a young college student who runs the university newspaper goes missing, YOU get caught up in the aftermath and begin your attempt to uncover and expose those who played a role in her disappearance.

If you are interested in this and would like to read through the episodes so far, I will provide a link below.

I am also looking for art within the story that can be used. I would like something quite mature and professional looking to attract an older more mature audience of 16+ age category, so this should be reflected within the art.

Please feel free to message me your ideas or suggestions as they are all welcomed.

Thank you so much,

Amelia :two_hearts: