Story Artist Needed

Is anyone willing to do art for me whenever I need it? There’s no pressure. Just if you want to.

Story 1 Info:

Small Cover

Large Cover

The Young Actress

Author Name
Alexandra Rose

Priorities on the line, young, new mother, Emma, deals with a dilemma - the pressure of acting or devotion to her children - but does her true love add to it or help her?


More Episodes Coming Soon

Those are awesome! I’d love for you to make my Large Cover! Do you want the information through a personal message or here?

It’s fine, what all do you need to know?

Specific Details:
I want it to be clear that this is a teen pregnancy story. (Is this specific enough?)

Character 1:

Character 2:

Any of the examples you used will be fine. You can choose.

Yeah, they are.

Choose either of these:

Emma (The girl) normal holding one of her babies while Felix (The boy) holds the other.


Emma (the girl) pregnant.

I don’t care which. They’ll both send the same mention.

I understand, and thank you for doing this!


I can make a digital one if you need it.

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Sure, I’d like a digital and drawn one, so I can choose between two different versions! Thanks!

Ok I’ll give it later tonight since I’m on a family trip. Also can you give details.

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Sure! What are all the details you need?

Pictures of both chars doing pose
Author name
Background preference


Title: The Young Actress
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Character 1:

Character 2:

(Make a baby girl be in his arms)

Thanks hun. :grinning:

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It’s beautiful!

Sorry to be a buzz but any background preference.

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