Story Artist Needed

Thanks. Like I said I’ll get it done by tonight.

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Okay, thanks!

Hey that drawing looks fabulous. :heart_eyes:

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I’m sorry for the wait.
Please tell me if you need any thing changed.
Also I’m fine if you pick the other girl’s picture. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your Cover

Thanks for letting me do this.

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Flip the baby and lower it so it looks like she’s in his arms. And have Felix facing Emma. And it’s okay. And you’re welcome!

I did flip the baby around though.


I said in the previous post I cant change character direction due to program I use.
Sorry. :persevere: :cry:

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Oh thanks…

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Here it is again and fixed
Tell me if you want more things fixed. :hushed:


It’s awesome!

Thanks!! Also no need to credit me I already put my name in bottom right corner.


Ink & Limelight Art Scene Needed

I can do art scenes x

Okay, how do you want to receive the info?

Hello? How would you like to recieve the deatails?

Through private message if you dont have instagram please as it makes it easier to find. If you do have instagram could we do it through that? My instagram is @drawinganyway

Covers Needed! PM or Reply here for the details if interested!