Story Badges [LGBT+, POC, etc.]


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Hi! Around two years ago I made badges that you can put on your story to mark them belonging in several categories — such as having diverse characters, LGBT+ options, etc. I’ve shared these on Instagram before, but never in the forums, so I thought I’d share them now!

Here are several examples of them:

They’re transparent files, so you can use any editing program to simply add them to your story cover. :grin: I thought these might be helpful because occasionally, people are searching for stories they can relate to but have a hard time finding them. But they’ll easily find the stories they’re looking for with these badges. :slight_smile: Anyone is free to use them, and you don’t have to credit me, don’t worry! I might be making more ‘updated’ versions of these in the future as well.

Here’s where you can download them and more badges. They’re cluttered in between some previous creator’s contest badges which probably aren’t valid anymore lmao, but you can also still use them if you like them.

I hope these can be of use!~ Please tell me if you use them, I’d love to see them live in the app. Feel free to also leave suggestions for any other badges! Perhaps I’ll make more of them. :eyes:

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Story Cover Badges

Wow! These are amazing! IT mist have tanken you such a kong time


Ooh! I’m definitely adding the “POC” one to my “Black” story cover. I’m going to let you know when it is up! :heart:


Great job!


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These are amazing! Thank you :3


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This is an amazing ideas and they are gorgeous, so thank you! I’ll definitely be using the Mental Illnesses one :two_hearts:


These look so good!


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you’re welcome!!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: also this is unrelated but zuko hahahshahdhnsnbs


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I’m not an editing genius so I don’t know how to add the badges on to my story covers.


Oh, I usually copy my cover over into google shapes, then add the Badge over it as an image (which I downloaded).