Story based on a film/tale

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So my question is can I make a story which based on a film/tale?

I would change the title, their ages and supplement the story with different things and make it more enjoyable.

What is against the term of service?

There is a story which is called “Dirty Dancing” and the characters have the exact same name Johny and Baby and the author supplement the story with other things.

Of course I don’t want to copy the whole stroy, just would like to complement with my own ideas like the Dirty Dancing.

What do you think can I ask the Episode opinion about it?

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There was a contest themed “Dirty Dancing”, so that’s probably why there’s a story like that


Yes, as long as it isn’t the same like in the movies/tale, you’re good to go.

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Oh yeah I forget to mention it. But if there is a contest you can make a story like that? :'DDDD and without it not so sure?

if you mean the story episodes dirty dancing, I think they paid to have that story made, like with demi lovato and mean girls,

It’s called The Fairy Tale Contest, thread is here:

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So do you think if I complement with my own ideas it can be good? :heart_eyes:

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They probably made deals to do it. If the story is copyrighted, you can’t copy it or you’d be accused of plagiarism


Now if you are planning on entering the fairy tale contest, read through everything first before u start anything. And yes, your own Ideas.

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its okay to be inspired, but you cant copy scenes, charaters or and such.

exmple I can write a vampire story, but I cant write a scene where becca is in the woods alone with vampire Edmond, saying I know what you are, and he take the shirt of and sparkle

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OMG THANK YOU! :OOO This is awesome!!

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His thread:


Exactly what @Natasha.Brown1 said. So you need to make sure the plot you want is public domain and not owned by anyone

you can get inspired but you cant copy - so for example even if you change names it is not OK to keep many scenes more or les the same with almost identical dialogues - that still would be plagiarism.
You can usually keep the basic plot line - lot of stories have similar plot line - for example the mafia types of stores here on app - lot of them have similar plot …girl is due to some circumstancies forced more or less unwilingly to live with a mob, falls for the mob then there is twist that separates them and then they again unite and express eternal love to each other…cliche like hell in my opinion but its OK to use the same basic plot line if the rest is your own creation - your own little twists, your own unique characters atc…


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