Story based on a real book

So, I’m making a new episode story which is based on a real novel. Is it fine to do so? And also, you have to state who originally wrote the book right? Just wondering :books:

The episode guidelines state (direct quote of content guidelines that have been outlined):

In addition, by publishing your story, you agree that it does not include any content that infringes the intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy of any third party. This may include using any of the following without permission:

  • any works of authorship of other parties, including excerpts or passages taken from literary works, television or film;
  • any trademarks or references to corporate or business names; or
  • any references to real persons or places.

Can also check out:

However I believe works that are in the public domain, since they are not protected by copyright, like Frankenstein are fine to write about, though.


Okay, I got it! Thanks

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