Story breaking all the logical patterns! :)

Hi, everybody!
I’ve carefully read and analyzed all the advice given in the thread How does a story get noticed by the readers? and came to conclusion that my story is breaking all logical patterns. It contains almost all the components of success, mentioned in the thread, except the fact that nothing of this brougth this story any reader’s attention. The only advice I found working in my case are “be patient” and “keep writing”. And that’s why I’ll certainly finish this story. The description is given below. It would be great if someone gets interested and gives his feedback after reading my story. Maybe I’m missing something and you can help me to see it.

Tayra is a student archaelogist and she is obsessed with everything connected with ancient history. One day she goes on excursion to ancient city Tiamon. While overcoming a dark tunnel, Tayra mysteriously disappears. In a few hours a rescue team finds her and everything seems to be fine. But in a few days Tayra notices some weirdnesses in her body behavior. She finds herself absolutely insensitive to men caresses. After several vain attempts to solve the arisen problem Tayra is about to accept the fact of never feeling any excitement or pleasure again, when a mysterious intimidating stranger suddenly enters Tayra’s life… Insensitive before, Tayra feels undefeatable attraction to this man… And this attraction is getting stronger even despite the fact that Tayra’s mind is against this connection. Things get more complicated when Tayra finds the true love. How will Tayra cope with insensitivity and unwanted attraction? And will she get a chance to be happy with the man she loves?

Title: "Love or Desire"
Author: FieryTenderness
Genre: Fantasy (but it also contains elements of Mystery and Romance)
Description: After a tragic incident during an excursion to ancient city Tiamon Tayra noticed some weirdnesses in her body behavior. Will this become an obstacle on her way to the true love?
Number of episodes: 15 (fully released)


I will sure read it since I support new readers :smile:

That would be really very kind of you :slight_smile:

Ok so I read it but I think there are some mistakes overall the length of the episode is good but there is few directing problems and in Episode two (which is were I reached) the characters dont show up on my screen but the dialogue is clear

It might be the App glitch. I often face it while reading other stories. Just exit and open it again. I have checked it many times, it can’t be my fault. Everything was fine during checks

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okay will do that,by the way I’ll continue reading it but I will tell you if there is any problem

Thank you. And, please, mark all the places where you suspect mistakes for me to check them and fix if needed. :grinning:

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sure,dont worry :ok_hand:

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Just an announcement, guys! :slight_smile: It would be great if you could help my friend to gain the number of reads of her story.

Title: H & V: Kaleidoscopic
Author: TurtleTrainer
Genre: Action
Description: There are two sides to every story. Heroes and Villains, but what happens when you try to switch sides in the middle of the war?
Access through here:
Status: 4 episodes (ongoing)


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I haven’t been posting here for a while, but I have great news! :slight_smile: Chapter 14 of “Love or Desire” is out. Below you can find a sneak peak :wink:

Chapter 15/15 of “Love or Desire” has been published!!! So, this story is fully released now! :slight_smile:

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Hi! Yes, with pleasure. I added your story to favorites and I’ll try to read it ASAP. I’ll dm you screenshots when done.