Story card maker

Does anyone know how to make a story card? I need 3

Do you mean a cover or a card where you promote the story or something?
There are a lot of art threads and people will make you covers.

Like it’s a bg then ur cover,description of the story,and wgat it has like cc minigames etc.

What kind of story card are you looking for? Like custom backgrounds for the story card… etc?

Doesn’t need to be custom

Do you have a background that you want for it already?

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No i wanted to find someone first

Ah! Got it. You can try @Chikki who does story cards. Or @m_lariYaa

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I dont see @m_lariYaa examples of it

She does. It’s down lower. Oh you meant story card. :thinking: hmm… I only know Chikki who does it.


Does she have examples

Just checked. Another character card. All the ones I’ve seen so far are archived. You can try pming @Dark_Clover21 to see if they still do story cards.


I just did :+1:t5:

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