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It is true that there is a story with 12 chapters and I read and then I reach 11 It already marks me with v and the whole band fills up as if I finished and sometimes I read another story and then after a week I’m not sure I finished but I go in There is another chapter Although there is v


By v, do you mean a tick?




The author probably did something on the last chapter and so when it updates people usually have to reread the chapter


Before you start reading 11 or after?
After you finish 11 and click out of it, the band will show as complete/full even if you haven’t read 12.


yep After you finish 11 .This has happened many times


Yeah that’s normal.
I think it has something to do with the fact that the last episode of a story doesn’t actually count as a read (until the author uploads more episodes and you can click “out” of it and go to the next one). So once you’re “on” an episode, even if you haven’t read it, if it’s the last published episode the bar will be full.


This just means that the author updated that chapter I think


When the bar is showing as complete but you haven’t read the last episode?
I checked out one of my own stories on another device (as some readers were having issues) and I read as a typical reader. The bar was “full” before I read the last episode. Can confirm that I hadn’t updated anything lol.


Oh that happens to me too, isnt that normal?


Yeah it is. But I think that’s what the OP is asking about? I could be wrong, but that’s what my answer referred to.


Yeah sorry I actually meant to reply to OP but I’m now realising I accidentally replied to you, sorry :joy:


It also happens in stories that say compleat

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