Story Characters Needed! HELP MOI PLZ!

Hey guys!
I am having some trouble coming up with some characters - Names and looks - for my up coming story; “Revenge?”.

I need the following:
  • Mean girls minion
  • Teachers - don’t know how many
  • Any other character suggestions welcome

Plz reply if you want in :kissing_heart:
Thank-u lovelies

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Limelight or ink?


Well, you can always use the randomizer

“Create my characters using the Randomizer in Episode Limelight”

name: Asha!!

hair: afro (black dark)
skin color: copper 09
face shape: diamond
eyebrows: arched thick (black dark)
eyes: deepset downturned (black brown)
nose: round broad
mouth: full heart pouty (violet)

clothes: you can choose no problem for me!!:grin:

Can I be the best friend?

Absolutely lovely :heart: thank u

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thank u :heart:

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Thanksss and no problemmm!!!:smiley::smiley::heart::heart:

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Mean girl minion: Sky, Natasha, Liza, Wendy

I think those would fit! :grin:

I’m going to assume that this is a romance story, so what about the love interest’s ex? or better yet, the love interest’s dead ex

Character Deets


Thank u :blush:

Absolutely! Great idea :heart:

I would love to hear the plot of your story! If you don’t mind, can you dm me your plot?

I would love for the female to become a bestie to the MC. Both characters are a couple.

She is a person who speaks her mind and stands up for her friends. She loves to go out and have a good time. Plus she dresses in the latest fashion.

He doesn’t like being in drama but will stand up to anyone who disrespects his girl. He has plenty of friends but one 2 close friends. People thinks he’s rude and means but once he talks they see he’s a different person. Plus he also knows how to have a good time.