Story Characters Needed 💜

i’ll make the outfits in the morning :confounded:

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Hey! Can I be a partner in crime?

Character Deets

eyebrows: soft angled
hair: beach wave white
eyes: almond luxe violet
face: soft heart
nose: elven
mouth: full round

Her name is Aniika: She’s very playful and is tomboyish. She is married to cupcakes and and likes to box.

Good luck on your story! If you ever need coding help PM me here! I’d be happy to help! :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks, do you have preferred credit and outfit?

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@weirdo_episode_author is he credit and any clothing with the clear circle glasses is fine, preferably something black/dark.

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Sounds good.

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Okay so I don’t need any new characters at the moment but I am looking for some people to give me some insight for my main characters (just to kind of provide me with some information so I get it right). So if anyone is of Cuban, Brazilian, or German descent please comment here which you are and then DM me! Comment here first that way I don’t have multiple people. Thanks and credit will be given if desired.

Anybody got any male characters; I need a couple soliders :eyes: :eyes: .
Thanks alot!

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Hey you can check out my shop with @Maeverie.Rivera. We make characters and outfits completely free no credits needed.