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I’m a semi-new author on Episode. I have started a bunch of stories but I haven’t published any. I was wondering how many total characters are in your stories on average. Including background characters, family members, etc. TIA

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Everyone’s would be different. it just depends on you. Like my story there will while the MC is in high school and there will need to be at least 30 bg characters for me for just school scenes. Then another 10-20 for just random out in town scenes. Then I have the parents the MC the guy she will like his parents and sister his two best friends and the MCs best friend for the main characters. so all in all I will have around 60 to 65 characters. But I do not plane to make them all at once. My main characters are made first then as I need characters for each scene I make them.

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I have a lot of characters in my story(because of background characters)

Thank you!

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