STORY CHECK ... Speaks good English American

How can I have someone check out the first chapter of the story before I continue to chapter two especially in English errors

You send them the story link which is at the bottom of your story page :slight_smile:

You can tell me exactly how to do it

At the bottom of the page

Just send them the link and as long as they have episode they can read it.

Ahh thanks I copy and where I put the link

You send it to your friend or whoever.

They click the link and it will open your story.

Now whoever clicks it can read your story :blush:

like that

thanks can you check the english

I would but I’m unable to at the moment.

There are many threads where people offer grammar checks and help with English. IF you search, I’m sure someone will be willing to help.

ok thanks:grinning:

Hi there! I’m happy to help! Is there a private space you’d like me to contact you on to provide thorough feedback? x

The forum has private messages

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I may help you


can you send me the script?

You can go to the link above

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