Story content (18+?)

Hey there. I’m about to write a romance story and I want to know how far can I go with adult / mature (18+) content? Is there a limit? How careful should I be with words like F***, do I need to censor it in my story?

Would like to know all that and sorry if it’s already been asked before :slight_smile:

ps: the story i’m working on is not completely focused on mature content, but it has some of it in it.

its an all ages app. so nowhere

even though I have seen a lot there does go along way. even some stories made official by the episode team, a bit hypocritical if you ask me

Swearing is allowed but as for meture content try to keep it pg as episode is a 12 rated app.
You can have kissing and stuff but keep intimate content off screen…

she is right 12 years. my mistake i did write all ages.

I’m pretty sure you can only use f*ck 5 times per episode (don’t quote me on that though lol), and it’s never allowed to be used in the sexually explicit way. As for your other questions, I’d recommend reading through the content guidelines::

Happy writing! :hugs:

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You can go pretty far, honestly.
Check out Faking Death by S.Langdon for examples of sexual encounters that are okay in the app.

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